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   Billboard Design   

Looking to go large with your advert? Let Leading Motion help you catch the eye of the passing audience with a bill board advert. 
It's super important that we get to the point as soon as possible as time is of the essence with this type of advertising. Your message needs to be extremely obvious with a clear call to action. 
Leading Motion can help you create your print ready artwork for maximum impact and ROI, Contact us for more information on today: 01206 512093  
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1) What do you want to achieve? 
You need to establish exactly what you want to gain from your billboard advert. This could be to build brand awareness, get people to remember your web address, promote a special offer or to prompt people to turn off the motorway and stop at your shop. Once this is established then you have your key message. 
2. Keep your message short 
People passing your add only have a few seconds to get your message (depending on location) so make sure you keep it simple. Keep words to a minimum, instead use colour and images to grab viewers attention and get your message across. 
3 Be bold 
Large format advertising allows you to stand out in the crowd so be bold. Large text, clear fonts, bright colours and eye catching images all help. 
4) Location, Location, location 
Pick your billboard location carefully, it’s important to understand who will be looking at your add, how much time they have at the location and of course the amount of passing traffic. 
If you’re investing in a billboard then it’s worth a visit to the location before you make a start. This way you will have a much better understanding of the location and it's potential exposure. 
5 Support your advert 
Most views will not react immediately to your billboard advert as they simply do not have time or will not remember so it’s important to backup your ad with other forms of advertising such as leaflets, radio advertising, direct mail, web and social media. This activity will backup your billboard advert locally and help increase brand awareness. 
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