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    Leading Motion News   

 A new website and logo designed for Trade Paint based in Colchester 

Trade Paint Colchester asked Leading Motion to design a logo and establish a brand for their new company. We were also asked to design and develop a bespoke e-commerce website to enable clients to select items, specify colours and sizes and then make a payment for their order.  
We are just testing the new website before it goes live. Look out for further updates soon.  
Marketing Colchester

 New stationary designed for Box Legal Solutions 

Box Legal Solutions were ready for a total re brand and asked leading Motion / it'seeze to design and print their new business cards, compliment slips, and letter heads all branded to compliment their new website that we are also creating and will be on line very soon. 
Look out for further updates.  

 A new logo and website for Viking Medical Solutions 

Viking Medical Solutions, a new company based in Ipswich asked Leading Motion to design a new logo and website to compliment their existing brand 
The website is due to follow soon. If you are starting a new company or a logo re design hen give us a call today on: 01206 512093 

 A new logo for Essex Transport Training Colchester 

Essex Transport Training based in Colchester since 1986 have a asked Leading Motion to update their company logo and re design their website.  
Here is the logo and the website is due to follow soon. If you are looking to update your brand or re design your logo then give us a call today we can help with all your brand design needs. 

 A new logo for a brand new company! 

And a new E-commerce website on it's way very soon. Look out for the update, we've just a few more tests to make before we go live! 

New business cards and Website for Simply Stylish 

Marketing Colchester
Having designed their new logo Simply Stylish asked Leading Motion to design and print business cards with an appointments section on the back. 
The cards were finished in a matt laminate on the front and uncoated on the back to hold ink and finished on 400gms card. 

 Marketing packages updated 

We've just updated our Marketing Packages to offer even more support for SME''s at no extra cost, Click here to read more... 

 A new logo designed for STUART CLASSICS 

Website to follow shortly... 

 A new logo designed for HSE Pro and website to follow. 

Providing health and safety training services to the construction industry HSE Pro have asked LM to create their brand, design their new logo and develop their new website. More information to follow soon. 

 Google punishes websites with pop-up adverts attached 

Google is set to penalize sites that include intrusive pop-up advertisements. It Will be updating the algorithms used to rank its search results so that offending websites are more likely to get a lower placing.  
The change is due to come into effect on 10 January 2016 so make sure your website is ready. 

 We are really excited to be working with Club Coins UK 

A big welcome to Club Coins UK who have asked Leading Motion to assist with their brand development, digital and e-marketing activity. 
Following a full marketing review we will be putting together a 12 month plan to help Club Coins UK reach their business goals, build their customer base and develop their brand. 

 Logo making you look silly? 

It might be time for a re-brand, Read our logo design tips, Please click here...  
Digital Marketing Colchester

10/10 for mobile ready but how does your website score? 

As you would expect when tested our website gets top marks for being mobile friendly so it's super visible on all screens. How does you website score? Free test here... 
Digital Marketing Colchester

  A new logo designed for Simply Stylish 

A brand new logo designed for Simply Stylish who are based in Suffolk. Simply Stylish offer styling services and well-being treatments for both men and women. The new website is on its way very soon. 

 Jog run or sprint it's your choice... 

With our new range of marketing packages designed specifically for small and new business owners who require marketing support but who may not be ready to commit to employing a marketing person. 
Our marketing packages provide a pay as you go solution and access to a wealth of knowledge and creativity with ongoing support and guidance. Book an appointment today and allow us the opportunity to review you existing marketing activity and give you some guidance. View our packages here... 

 10 easy ways to increase your website traffic... 

So you've had your website designed and it looks great but how many people are actually finding you and clicking into your website?  
If you are lacking numbers and would like to reach out to your audience here are a few simple tips to help increase website traffic, click here to read more... 
Website Design Colchester

 Looking for banner stands for your next exhibition? 

Let leading Motion create, design and print your new banner stands, We can even add QR codes to allow viewers to scan and access your website from your banner. Contact us here for more information... 
Website Design Colchester

 A new logo for Instagram, what do you think?  

Instagram have just updated their logo with a simple colourful replacement and we think it looks great. If you are looking at re-branding and require a new logo we are happy to assist, see some examples of logos we have just created here... 
Website Design Colchester

 So why is speed so important when it comes to websites I hear you ask?  

Did you know nearly half of all website users expect your website to load within 2-3 seconds or less, most viewers will leave a website if they are made to wait any longer. This means that if your website is not running at lightning speed you are going to lose views and new business. 
If you are selling product on the web 79% of all shoppers who have problem with a slow website say they won’t return and about 44% will tell their friends if they have a poor experience on your website. 
There are many reasons why your website might not be loading fast enough, it could be design, it could be age to mention a few, so it’s worth having a look to see how fast your website performs, you can try the FREE Google speed test here: 
Website Design Colchester

 May 2016 Google boost their mobile-friendly algorithm  

The Google mobile-friendly algorithm is designed to give additional ranking boost to mobile-friendly websites in mobile searches! 
Google has now published the second version so now it’s really important to make sure your website is mobile ready. You can test your website here 

 A new Website designed for Pinnacle Classics based in Colchester. Designed on our unique CMS managed by it'seeze. Click here to view the new website... 

Website Design Colchester

 It’s no longer as simple as just “mobile friendly” it’s more “how” mobile friendly is your company website? 

Before we meet with a new client we always review their company website. One of the first things we look for is how mobile friendly it is. With more than 70% of web searches now done on a mobile platform it’s very important that your website displays correctly on all screens and (as we have found out) there seem to be a lot of variations on the word "correctly" 
A few years ago the mobile issue was solved with two websites. One would be designed for the desktop and the other “sister website” was designed for mobile users. 
This was all very well but the main issue here is that you are always running two websites so double the SEO and double the updates. 
Other solutions appear to fit the website into the screen but it's very small making it unreadable to most. This forces the user to zoom in and scroll across so not very user friendly. 
Other examples we see appear to be are half mobile ready, so the text is re-sized and fits the screen OK but images load incorrectly or don’t re-size making the website look unprofessional or unfinished. 
If your goal it to encourage viewers to call you on the phone or fill in your form it’s really important that this is made as easy as possible so all forms should be finger friendly and phone numbers should become one touch buttons when on a small screen. 
Your company website may have already been made mobile friendly but it’s worth having another look.  
Alternatively allow Leading Motion to have a quick look for you by filling in the form below… 
Website Design Colchester

 New logo and website designed for The Britannia Hot Tub Company 

Website Design Colchester

 New logo and website designed Pinnacle Classics 

Website Design Colchester

  New logo and website designed for Crawshaw Bailey 

Website Design Colchester

New logo and website designed for The Style Coach based in Ipswich 

The Style Coach Ipswich asked Leading Motion to provide some logo examples for their new business alongside designing a new mobile ready website to compliment their branding and style. 
Logo Design Colchester

New logo designed for Amanda Aldridge Hypnotherapy 

Website to follow very soon! 
Google rocket fuel

Google rocket fuel! 

If like most clients I talk to, you want your website to travel up the Google highway to page one for your key search terms locally then you've gotta keep topping up the tank!  
Just like a car needs fuel Google needs content and I don't mean copied content I mean good quality unique, relevant content that shows Google you are an active forward thinking company! 
Two simple ways of doing this are to add a news page, make sure you add something relevant to your industry to show you are an expert in your field and put the date next to the update to show viewers you are on the ball! 
The second is to add a testimonials page to your website and encourage clients to submit some feedback, this is easy because the content is written for you so it's just a case of checking and then adding the new testimonial. 
From my experience Google visits itseeze websites every 24 hours so I would recommend adding an update once a week if possible and you should start to see some positive results. For more information on Search Engine Optimisation and website design services please contact us on 01206 512093 
SEO Services Colchester

Google + an empty house party? 

I sometimes use this analogy when talking to new and existing clients, if Facebook is a happening, hip house party full of cool people dancing the night away then Google + could be seen as the party where no one turned up! 
So why bother with Google + I hear you ask? No one wants to be at that kind of party, all the cool funny people are somewhere else right?? 
The point we are missing here is that there is one VIP at this party that as a business we need to be engaging with and that's the very powerful Mr Google... 
By having a presence on Google + and updating your business page regularly you are telling Google that your an active, progressive business. In our opinion this activity (as well as lots of other factors) will help you when your are trying to climb the Google listing and increase your company visibility on-line. 
Just a couple of points, make sure your content is engaging and relevant to your business and services, make sure your content is unique (Google hates duplication) use images and video, and link back to your website when appropriate. 
I hope this is useful, let us review you Google + and other social pages, (no obligation) just click here! 

Leading Motion open our new office in COLBEA 

We are really pleased to announce Leading Motion have now moved into our new home in the Colchester Business Centre located in central Colchester just a short walk from the town centre.  
Clients can now visit us to view their websites, talk about their requirements and see the full range of marketing services Leading Motion offer. Book an appointment and try our Free 6o minute Marketing Review, call us on 01206 512093. 

A new logo & Website designed for Focus 4 Change based in Colchester... 

Focus 4 Change were looking to re-brand and update their old image combined with a website re-design. The design team at Leading Motion maintained the existing colour pallet and produced some examples before the final logo was chosen. We are currently working on the new website, click back for more information soon.  
Digital Marketing Colchester
A new logo and website designed for DC Fire Safety, replacing their old website and making their brand more professional. 
Logo Design Colchester
A new leaflet distribution company based in Ipswich asked us to create their brand and design a website based around the new brand, view here 
Logo Designers Colchester